While you are enjoying yourself at the RMS Gala, be sure to play these fun Gala Games. 


Mystery Bags

Visit our Mystery Bag table and for just $25 take a chance on a mystery prize. Surprise yourself with items such as retail gift certificates, rounds of golf, restaurant gifts cards, and many other prizes. All mystery bags are valued at $25 and up!

Balloon Pop

For $10 each, purchase a balloon with a surprise inside! At 8:15 pm, the Emcee will lead us in the Balloon Pop! And your surprise will be revealed!


Heads or Tails

Buy necklaces for $25 each or a bundle of 5 for $100 from one of our roving volunteers. Play the game by guessing heads or tails for each coin flip.  Each necklace gives you another chance to get back in the game! The last one standing wins the $500 jackpot!


Religious Raffle

Here's your chance to win a beautiful Saint Francis statue to grace your garden! For $10 you get 2 raffle tickets. If your number is called, you'll win a slice of Heaven!